Who to Call for a Basement Leak (Your Quick Guide)

March 23, 2023

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Are you a homeowner wondering who to call for a basement leak? Hopefully, you’re checking this information before a basement leak appears in your home. Otherwise, it’s vital that you schedule needed fixes quickly. Basement leaks risk damaged concrete, framing wood rot, mold growth, musty odors, and more.

With this in mind, keep reading to find out who to call for a basement leak. This information can help prevent leaks and help you address any that appear in your home. In turn, you know you’ll have a strong, solid basement foundation under you.

Why You Need to Address Basement Leaks Quickly

First, consider why you need to address basement leaks quickly:

  • Leaks typically indicate weak, damaged concrete walls and floors. Weakened concrete won’t hold up a structure’s weight very well! In turn, your house might start to settle and sink.
  • Surrounding materials absorb moisture coming through those basement leaks. This risks structural framing wood rot, damaged drywall, and other costly issues.
  • That moisture coming in through leaks also encourages mold growth and mildew under carpets.
  • Damp basements might also mean unpleasant musty odors throughout the house.

For all these reasons and more, it’s vital that you fix foundation leaks at the first sign of damage. Also, note that many leaks are outside a homeowner’s area of home repair expertise. Consequently, keep reading to find out who you can call for needed leak patching.

repairing a leak

How Do You Know Your Home Has a Basement Leak?

It’s important for homeowners to recognize signs of a basement leak. One reason is that some people overlook these signs, assuming damp basements are normal. Two, not all signs of a basement leak occur in the basement! What do we mean by that?

First note that basements aren’t naturally damp or musty. Instead, these are usually signs of needed leak repair. Also, don’t overlook mold along the lower parts of first-floor walls or mildew underneath carpeting. These can also indicate a damp, leaky basement.

Additionally, remember that wood framing absorbs moisture from a basement. In turn, you might notice squeaking floors or creaking sounds all over the home. These usually indicate weak wood that’s shifting out of place. You might notice this, especially along floorboards, which can also feel soft underfoot.

In some cases, a homeowner might identify leak sources themselves. Check along basement walls and floors for damp spots and spalling, or chalky white powder. If you can find the leak and patch it yourself, this might be sufficient for repairing the basement. If not, it’s time to call the professionals!

Who to Call for Basement Leak

  • Plumber: A plumber can address pipe leaks and other plumbing related issues. You might notice drips in pipes running along the basement ceiling, under the first-floor subflooring. A plumber might patch that leak or recommend replacing pipes entirely. Plumbers can also address leaking water heaters stored in a basement.
  • Water Damage/Waterproofing Contractor: For floods originating outside the home, a water damage contractor is best. He or she can usually pump out that excess water and then coordinate needed repairs. Also, they might recommend a sump pump installation for homes in areas prone to flooding.
  • Foundation Repair Contractor: However, a foundation repair contractor is best for fixing cracks in basement concrete including along windows. One reason to call a foundation pro is that they can determine if the leak originates from inside or outside the home. Two, they can address larger cracks and leaks readily. Also, note that a foundation repair contractor can assess your home for needed fixes. For example, if the house has already shifted and settled, he or she might suggest leveling or underpinning. This service returns the structure to a level position and offers added support.

who to call for basement leak

What to Do Before and After Calling for Basement Leak Fixes

Before you call a repairperson for a basement leak, turn off any electricity to the space. Document the damage as much as possible, making note of any cracks or spalling you see. Also, your repairperson might need to know if the leak has gotten larger over time.

Once a repairperson arrives, ensure you get a complete quote without any chance for hidden charges. You can also ask them if they can pinpoint the cause of that basement leak. They might also note added repairs needed around your home, such as waterproofing or mold cleanup.

Preventative Measures to Take

Preventing basement leaks is always better than trying to address them after they appear! Those leaks risk secondary damage, including cracks and mold, as said. In turn, preventing those leaks is an investment in your home’s condition overall.

  • Ensure you keep a home’s gutters clean and clog-free. Clogs let the water run over the gutters where it then pools around the foundation. In turn, that water can seep through those basement walls, risking leaks.
  • French drains direct water in the soil away from the home. If your property has overly moist soil, ask your foundation repair contractor or a landscaper about a French drain on your lot.
  • Soil piled up in the basement holds moisture against its walls. A landscaper can usually grade the soil properly, so that it slopes away from the home. This encourages water to run to the street, protecting the basement against leaks.
  • Keep the basement maintained properly to avoid future leaks. For instance, you might check the sealant around basement windows. Once these break down, they can risk water leaks.
  • Coat the basement walls and floors in watertight membranes or sealants. Many store-bought products seep into concrete pits and pores, closing up gaps and repelling water.

Bloomington Foundation Repair Experts is happy to explain who to call for a basement leak. Hopefully you’ve found this information helpful! If so, be sure to check out our other blog posts. Also, call our foundation repair contractors when you’re in need of expert services. We offer FREE inspections and guaranteed fixes including crack and leak repair. Additionally, our crew provides expert bowing basement wall repair, underpinning, and leveling. We also install sump pump and dehumidifiers! For more information, contact our crew today.


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