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Foundation leak repair for Bloomington, IL, properties is an important investment! To protect your property, call the crew here at Bloomington Foundation Repair Experts at the first sign of leaks.

Foundation leaks risk water damage inside the home including structural wood rot. Moisture seeping in through those leaks risks unhealthy, unsightly mold and mildew. Ignoring needed basement foundation leak repair also means rust and other damage to items stored in the space.

To find out more about home foundation leak repair, give us a call. We’ll schedule a FREE foundation inspection and leak repair quote. Our work is fully guaranteed to last! To get started, use our contact form or call us today for foundation repair in Bloomington.

A crumbling foundation needing foundation leak repair in Bloomington IL.
A rusted furnace caused by a foundation leak.

How Do You Know If a Home Needs Basement Leak Repair?

Homeowners often overlook needed basement leak repair simply because they don’t realize their home’s foundation is damaged! Call us for expert concrete foundation leak repair if you notice moisture collecting around the home’s walls or flooring.

Mold growing on a home’s walls can also indicate a slab foundation leak and needed repairs. You might also notice a damp feeling and musty smell in a basement or backroom. Insects are drawn to moisture in a home, so an infestation can also indicate needed repairs!

Regular foundation inspections are also an excellent choice for alerting you to damage, including leaks. Call us today if you’re ready for a thorough, detailed foundation inspection around your property!

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Don’t Put Off Foundation Leak Repair in Bloomington!

The longer you ignore needed foundation leak repair in Bloomington IL, the greater the risk to your structure! Leaks allow foundation concrete to absorb moisture, risking eventual sinking. Once a structure sinks, it often suffers wall and ceiling cracks, buckled floors, crumbled roofing materials, and other costly damage.

Mold and mildew also grow and spread quickly, producing unpleasant odors throughout a property. Mold also softens wood framing, risking cracks, rot, and other damage. Both are also difficult and expensive to clean and remove!

To protect your property and avoid costly secondary damage, call us for expert commercial and home foundation leak repair. Our trained technicians make quick work of all the fixes you need to have done. We also guarantee our repairs to last!

Damage in a crawl space due to a foundation leak needing repairs.
A contractor excavating for foundation repair in Bloomington.

We’re the Name to Trust for Foundation Leak Repair

Never trust your needed foundation leak repair and other foundation fixes to just anyone! The crew here at Bloomington Foundation Repair Experts offers over 20 years of industry experience. Our technicians are also highly trained in all aspects of foundation repair and waterproofing services.

We are also fully insured and licensed, and back all our work with a written guarantee. Every project starts with a complete inspection, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

If you still have questions or are eager to get started with the foundation work you need to have done, contact us today. Our foundation repair company is standing by, ready to take your call and provide the expert repairs your property needs.



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"Bloomington Foundation Repair was professional and honest with my foundation inspection. They saved me money and time spent worrying, by explaining which issues were cosmetic and which required repair. Thank you!"
- Gabriel D.

Protect Your Property With Expert, Reliable Foundation Repair

Bloomington Foundation Repair Experts is the company to call for all your foundation repair and waterproofing needs! We provide full-scale crack and leak patching, bowing basement wall repair, house leveling, and underpinning. We can also repair or replace a pier and beam foundation! Our waterproofing services including crawlspace encapsulation also protects a foundation and prevents damage. To find out more, just give us a call!

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Protect Your Home and Business With Expert Foundation Repair in Bloomington!

Rely on Bloomington Foundation Repair Experts for expert, affordable foundation repair in Bloomington. To find out more or get started with the repairs you need to have done, call us today! Call us at (309) 220-3907
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